September and October 2019

Maldives nominates its first female judge to the Supreme Court, but Islamic scholars disagree with a female occupying the role. MDUK celebrates its 25th Anniversary on Saturday 21 September 2019.

June 2019

Athens is well known as the only European capital without a mosque, one of the world’s oldest cities, and currently, the capital and largest city of Greece has been agreed to go-ahead to build a new one. New fatwa issued on organ donations following findings that while 17% of Asian people require an organ donation, only 2% of them are registered organ donors.

May 2019

Austria bans girls under 14 from wearing the hijab. Cambridge opens very first eco-mosque. Boxer Amir Khan plays in first match held in Saudi Arabia.

April 2019

World leaders express support in the wake of a church bombing in Sri Lanka, while 45% of footballers report having experienced racism in the game.

March 2019

Muslims have been targeted, wounded and killed in an anti-Muslim terrorist attack in two mosques during Friday Prayer in Christchurch, New Zealand. Pakistan shoots down two Indian warplanes inside Pakistani airspace, one of the warplanes falls inside Pakistan’s land and one Indian pilot was arrested who has later been released as a peace gesture to India.