About Us

Deaf Muslim UK (DMUK) is the first Deaf Muslim organisation in the world that is founded and governed by Deaf people to establish and enhance the lives of Deaf Muslims since 1994. Our team is deeply committed to supporting and encouraging the learning and development of Deaf people from diverse backgrounds through education and empowerment.  

We started out in 1988 as a small circle of friends who would often meet to share Islamic knowledge and to organise social events across the country. The Muslim Deaf Group was officially formed in 1994 in Leicester, which involved delivering a range of services such as seminars, lectures, training workshops, outdoor activities and trips, establishing interfaith relations and the translation and distribution of learning resources in BSL. Muslim Deaf Group was renamed to Muslim Deaf UK in 2008 and then to Deaf Muslim UK in 2021. Some of our most exciting events include Deaf Umrah and a national football tournament.

Our team now organise regular events across the UK. We also have strong international networks and have attended international seminars and conferences in Morocco, Qatar, Malaysia, France, Germany, Turkey, Belgium and Indonesia. Our team has presented and represented the UK at several international events and has appeared regularly on BBC and Islam Channel.



Our Mission

"To empower Deaf Muslims in the learning and discovery of Islam"


Our key projects and services

1. BSL Qur’an Translation Project
2. BSL Hadith
3. Islamic Stories
4. News Channel and Question Time
5. Educational Programmes and Workshops including Qur’an Circle