Teaching and Learning Islam in Sign Language

Teaching and Learning Islam in Sign Language

Deaf Muslim UK (DMUK), formerly known as Muslim Deaf UK, organised a unique conference for the Deaf Muslims, hosted by the Islamic Cultural Centre, on 7th and 8th September 2014. The conference was attended by over 150 delegates including Deaf lecturers from Qatar and Saudi Arabia. It was the first such event exploring greater international co-operation and partnership for developing services for the Deaf Muslims. 

Opening the conference, Dr. Ahmad Dubayan, Director of Islamic Cultural Centre, said that it was a wonderful occasion for the Centre to cater for the Deaf people in their own language. He said that it was a great achievement for the British Muslim community and would help to create awareness about sign language within mosques and centres. 

The key speakers at the conference were: 

  • Owais Murad, Chairperson of DMUK 
  • Khalid Ashraf, Vice-Chairperson of DMUK 
  • Ali Al-Sinnari, Chairman of Qatar Cultural and Social Centre for Deaf
  • Abdulmumin Al-Sultan, Deaf Lecturer from Saudi Arabia
  • Yasser McAndrew, Secretary of Somali Deaf Community 


More Details: visit iccuk.org